What Jet is not

Another Laravel, Symphony, ZF, ...

PHP Jet is not "another PHP framework". This framework solves a number of things differently. For example, the so-called routing is different , PHP Jet can be installed using composer as a package, but PHP Jet doesn't actually need composer. PHP Jet really puts a lot of emphasis on modularity and thus on dividing projects into small, easily developable units (micro-services and micro-applications).

Jet is not a CMS

PHP Jet is an absolutely universal PHP Framework. What you see after installation is nothing more than a sample application showing the basic capabilities of PHP Jet. Yes, the sample application is more extensive than is common with competing frameworks. But really, it's just a small demonstration of the really wide possibilities of this framework and the possibility to quickly and qualitatively develop any online application at a professional level.

Jet is not a set of independent libraries ...

...which you have to "install" via composer. PHP Jet is one whole. Although the whole is flexible, completely (or certainly to a very large extent) influenceable and adaptable.

Of course, only parts of this framework can be used. Nothing prevents that.

At the same time, PHP Jet has a very well-thought-out and sophisticated architecture, thanks to which you can replace parts of the framework with your implementations while maintaining functionality and compatibility.

So PHP Jet doesn't try to pretend to be a set of pseudo-independent packages. No. It is one functional unit. But a perfectly flexible whole, over which you have absolute reign and control and which you can modify.

Jet doesn't want to cover the whole universe

The purpose of Jet is not to enrich it with all kinds of libraries, clients for anything, millions of functions in the future. No, Jet is a framework - that is, the basic framework of an application. The world is so diverse anyway that nothing can contain everything. Special things are better left to specialists.

Functions that are objectively better to easily implement tailored for a specific project (for example using a specialized library) will not be added to Jet. The abundance of functions, which not everyone will use anyway, makes the framework unnecessary and this is exactly the opposite of the philosophy of the framework.

Jet is not a new (and experimental) project

As I already wrote, Jet has a very long history and development as well as practical use. Only its version intended for PHP8 and the first to be published is new. Even Jet went through phases of rebirth and pathfinding. The last big cleanup in the code is related to the creation of this documentation, when I am also doing a general revision. But for the future I plan a gradual and continuous evolution. I don't want to release something into the world that will constantly change fundamentally. This is not good for commercial use (the paying client doesn't care that someone decided to "hack" the framework).

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