Framework for PHP 8

  • Modern, modular / micro-app architecture, all-in-one framework for PHP 8

Everything you need

Completely unique MVC that will make your work much easier, flexible and powerful ORM, perfect forms, all ready for international environment, support for authentication and authorization including roles and rights, REST, AJAX, server-side UI generation and many more ...

Modular - micro-app architecture

The whole system is modular and built on the principle of micro-applications - application modules. This will quite fundamentally improve your productivity, testing and deployment, work organization, code reusability and so on.

Integrated tools

Of course, there is not only an integrated profiler, but also a comprehensive sample application, a pre-made admin panel, a pre-made installer and above all the unique and powerful Jet Studio tool that will make your work much easier.

Small and simple

Despite the fact that PHP Jet already includes everything you need in the base, including unique tools, everything remains as simple, small, easy to understand as possible. KISS - Keep It Simple and Straightforward.

The best solution is always the simplest.

Detailed documentation

Detailed and always up-to-date documentation is available. A large number of video tutorials will be produced in the near future.


PHP Jet is fully customized for PHP 8. It uses typing, attributes and so on. It is fully future-ready.

Very powerful and safe

PHP Jet is developed by people with experience in banking, telecommunications, e-commerce and so on. So it puts a lot of emphasis on performance and security.

Proven by real world

The framework was not developed by theorists, but by people from real practice, by people with decades of experience, by people who are constantly working on specific commercial projects and therefore know the real needs from real practice.


We know how important stability is. We know what it means to be accountable to our clients and users of our software. PHP Jet is already mature and will not change spontaneously. No unpleasant surprises await you.

Want to try a change?

Be the Most Efficient & Grow Your Business

With PHP Jet, you will work much more efficiently, you will find it easier to develop projects of any size (even very large ones) and your work will be much more effective. And you will enjoy your work more :-)