I love discussions on interesting topics with interesting people. While I defend my opinions in arguments, I also listen to and perceive the opinions of others. And I examine whether I happen to be wrong and a counter-argument firmly based on facts refutes my existing opinion. That's normal, and without it, humanity would get nowhere. Discussion may be fierce (of course always polite), but it should always be useful and beneficial.

There are two topics in Jet that I know may cause controversy for some people, and that very discussion. After all, we've been through such discussions before :-) That's why I'm writing this chapter, in which I'll summarize the arguments why I decided to proceed as I did.

And I'd like to point out that neither the use of .php files for storing information and neither the deliberate absence of a templating system are a matter of feelings, but I came to this conclusion on the basis of specific and, most importantly, measurable/quantifiable factors, which I describe in the relevant chapters.

Unfortunately, even professional discussions are sometimes too fiery and, heaven forbid, personal. This must be avoided. It must be remembered that even though we may think differently, we are always colleagues and there must always be collegial respect between us.

And who knows? Maybe someday I'll change my mind, someone will convince me, I'll see the numbers and the facts and change my mind :-)

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Why does Jet use .php files as a data store and configuration source?