This class represents a phrase - a single entry in a dictionary translator. In normal use of translators, you won't encounter this class because the entire compiler is used via the facade - Jet\Translator (Jet\Tr) class. However, you need to know the class if you want to dig into the compiler properly and, for example, create your own backend.

Overview of methods

Method Meaning of
public __construct(
string $phrase,
string $translation = '',
bool $is_translated = false,
string|null $hash = null
  • $phrase
    Simply put, a text intended for translation.
  • $translation
    Translation into the target localization (if available)
  • $is_translated
    Flag if it is/is not translated.
  • $hash
    Internal hash phrases. Internally represents the key in the dictionary phrase array.
public getPhrase(
): string
Returns the phrase (text to be translated).
public getHash(
): string
Returns the internal hash of the phrase.
public getIsTranslated(
): bool
Indicates whether it is/is not translated.
public setIsTranslated(
bool $is_translated
): void
Sets whether it is/is not translated.
public getTranslation(
): string
Returns the translation to the target localization. If the phrase is not translated, it returns the original phrase.
public setTranslation(
string $translation
): void
Sets the translation to the target localization.
public getTranslationRaw(
): string
Returns the current form of the translation regardless of whether the phrase is marked as translated or not.
public removePhrase(
Translator_Dictionary_Phrase $phrase,
bool $save_required = true
): void
Removes the phase from the dictionary and determines whether the dictionary needs to be resaved.
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