Class for working with email templates - see introductory chapter.

Overview of methods

Method Meaning of
public __construct(
string $template_id,
string $sender_id=Mailing::DEFAULT_SENDER_ID,
Locale $locale=null
) :
  • $template_id
    Template ID.
  • $sender_id
    The sender ID of the email.
  • $locale
    Optional location - if not specified, then the current one is used.
public setViewDir(
string $view_dir
) : void
Sets an optional path to the view scripts directory of the email template.
public getViewDir(
) : string
Returns the path to the view scripts directory, either the set optional path or the path given by the system configuration, locale and template ID. Thus specified as follows: SysConf_Jet_Mailing::getTemplatesDir()
public getView(
) : MVC_View
Returns an instance of view of the template.
public getTemplateId(
) : string
Returns the template ID.
public getLocale(
) : Locale
Returns the location of the template.
public getSenderId(
) : string
Returns the sender ID.
public getSender(
) : Mailing_Config_Sender
Returns the sender definition.
public setVar(
string $key,
mixed $value
) : void
Sets the optional template data. In effect, this optional data is passed to view and can be used in view scripts.
public getSubject(
) : string
Generates and returns the subject of the email.
public getBodyHtml(
bool $parse_images=true
) : string
Generates and returns the HTML body of the email.
public getBodyTxt(
) : string
Generates and returns the text body of the email.
public getEmail(
) : Mailing_Email
It will generate and return the entire email. It can be further edited (especially to add attachments) and sent.
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