This is the default backend of the compiler. Its interface is determined by the abstract class Jet\Translator_Backend and thus does not need to be described separately here.

But let's briefly talk about the behavior of this backend.

For storage it uses, like a lot of other things in Jet, PHP files. So, for example, the saved dictionary takes the following form: return [
'Welcome' => 'Vítejte',
'Please choose your language' => 'Prosím, zvolte si Váš jazyk',
and is stored in a file with the extension .php.

To determine the base directory where the dictionaries are located, of course, it uses the SysConf_Path::getDictionaries() setting.

Furthermore, the path to the dictionary is formed by the localization code and the dictionary name.

Let's take a practical example from a sample application. The dictionaries will be in the ~/application/dictionaries/ directory. The target localization of the compiler is Czech and its code is therefore cs_CZ. The name of the compiler dictionary will be (for example) Content.Articles.Admin (sample article management module).
The path to the dictionary file will be:


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