Debugging and necessary tools

PHP Jet has integrated two main tools to make life easier with errors, application debugging and performance.

  • ErrorHandler This is an enhancement to the error handling of PHP itself. So it's a fairly common thing. It includes three pre-made error handler-modules (for display and logging) and allows you to create any error handler-module you want. For example, it is possible to send errors by e-mail, or to put them directly into a ticket system ... That's up to you :-)
  • Profiler I'll pause here. Unfortunately, I am often unpleasantly surprised by the number of colleagues who don't even consider how many and what SQL queries their application runs, how much memory it "eats", even how long it takes to process the request. Especially in online applications it is absolutely necessary and crucial to address this. Online applications are exposed to the wind and rain of the Internet. And such e-shops simply have to work and they have to work fast. The built-in profiler will help you to detect possible problems and give you the best possible overview of the running of the application.
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