ORM DataModel

DataModel is an ORM system integrated into Jet. The definition of ORM says that it provides data conversion between a relational database and an object-oriented application. That definition is accurate, but I would add that it really makes the job a lot easier in the first place, and especially eliminates the work that is really repetitive and annoying. Jet DataModel doesn't just provide data conversion between objects and the database by a long shot. While it's a basic and important feature, it does so much more:

  • It looks at entire sets of entities as one big entity - see the modeling principle and internal relations section - and connect these larger entities using external relations.
  • Definitions and data modeling with a dedicated tool within Jet Studio that will make your job fundamentally easier.
  • Generate forms based on data models. While this is not a Jet DataModel thing, but a subsystem of forms, in practice the two are used together.
  • The ability to directly create REST APIs on top of data models.
  • A backend for MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQL is integrated and Oracle support is in the works.
  • A properly designed and developed application can be run on a variety of relational databases.
  • If you are creating modular applications, Jet Studio offers the ability to generate a data administration module (CRUD - view, add, edit and delete data, including logging operations and checking permissions) directly on top of the data model. Thus, you can have the basics of certain functionality ready in a few minutes - literally and without exaggeration.
  • Easier and very efficient query creation.
  • There are a number of methods to upload data, including partial instance upload or working with raw data.
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