Useful helpers for working with various data - Jet\Data

This is a package of several independent classes that are helpful in solving frequently recurring (and let's say sometimes annoying) problems. All classes are heavily used by the entire Jet platform. Here is a list of them:

Jet\Data_Array Easier to work with multidimensional arrays. The class is often used internally by the Jet platform itself.
Jet\Data_DateTime De facto only encapsulating the PHP DateTime class and integrating it into the platform.
Jet\Data_Image Ease typical work with images - validation, resizing and creating previews.
Jet\Data_Text Several useful methods for working with text.
Jet\Data_Tree A very useful tool for working with data arranged in a tree structure.
Jet\Data_Paginator Class that facilitates solving classic problems with data list paging.
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Working with an array - Jet\Data_Array