One would never learn and know anything if one did not have the opportunity to meet a number of inspiring people. And I was lucky enough to get to know quite a few of them.

I would like to thank all past and present colleagues. Not only to developers, but also to various managers, marketers, salespeople, designers, as well as past employers. And I almost forgot the teachers! That would be a mistake! Just to everyone who enriched me in some way. Through feedback (positive and negative), a view of the matter or opportunity, and last but not least, experience.

Many thanks to everyone who has already been involved in the project in any way. I really appreciate every bug reported and every constructive feedback, and last but not least, thanks for the advice on things you understand better than me ;-)

Thank you all!

But after all, I will allow myself to single out one name from the huge crowd of people (hopefully the others will forgive) - Honza Egert. He is a person who has always managed to surprise me with his intelligence, perspective and really good ideas. Really a very good expert, an inspiring person and I have the honor to be my friend too. Thanks Honzo!

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