A general abstract class of renderers of unpaired UI elements, which inherits from the Jet\UI_Renderer class.

Overview of methods

Method Meaning of
public getViewScript(
) : string
Returns the name of the view script for displaying the given element.
public setViewScript(
string $view_script
) : static
Allows to set an optional name view of the script for displaying the element.

Each element sets a default value in the constructor according to system settings. So you don't need to use the method, but you can use it if you want a specific display for a specific element.
public render(
) : string
Generates the HTML code for the element based on the current settings.
public __toString(
) : string
The element can be directly converted to string, which calls the render method.
public toString(
) : string
Alias of the render method.
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