Every system and every application needs some configuration - of course. PHP Jet has two main configuration systems.

SysConf - configuration of the Jet platform

This is a very basic configuration. Its purpose is to set the basic environment, paths to key directories, various URLs, but above all a number of other parameters of Jet itself.

In older versions of Jet, this was solved in a conventional way - using the definition of constants. But over time, this way turned out to be inefficient (the constant is simply immutable, this can be a problem in various situations, it is impossible to fully maintain order in them, and so on).

For that reason, system configuration is handled using several classes and their static methods.

See the relevant chapter for details.

Config - application configuration system

The configuration of the application is different from the basic configuration of the Jet platform. It assumes the following:

  • The possibility to change the configuration of the application by its user. For example during installation, or using various tools in the administration.
  • The possibility to define and expand the configuration of the application in any way by the application developer - that is, you.
  • Easy development and creation of installer and configuration tools.
  • Speed! However, configuration is something that is handled in some way during every request. So it must not have a big overhead.

In summary, we can say that the configuration system of the application must be very flexible, powerful, but essentially simple and fast. And Jet has such a configuration system - you can read more here .

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