What is Jet?

PHP Jet is a very innovative, modern but mature and original framework for PHP8 (and newer) , intended for the development of any kind of online applications, but especially large and long-term projects. PHP Jet places great emphasis not only on speed and security , but also on application modularity , on dividing the project into individual easily developed, testable and maintainable components (modules / micro-services / micro-applications) . Of course, the MVC architecture is not missing, but it is conceived differently than other frameworks - it is much more flexible and more in line with the real world of most online applications. Of course, there is also an ORM, however, developed with an emphasis on the performance of the final application. There is also a very helpful system for working with forms . And that is far from all. Of course, Jet includes authentication and authorization , localization , debugging tools including a profiler, and so on. And as a "cherry on the cake" on top of it all is the powerful but intuitive development tool Jet Studio with a graphical UI (of course also online applications).

Compared to other "big" frameworks, PHP Jet is small in terms of volume and amount of source code. But in reality, its possibilities are much greater. PHP Jet is designed with an emphasis on clean, straightforward, clearly understandable software architecture. The main idea that PHP Jet adheres to is the KISS principle - keep it small and simple. The author of PHP Jet adheres to the principle that the correct solution is the simplest and most straightforward.

PHP Jet was created in a gradual evolution since 2011 and benefits from all the experience I have gained during my more than twenty years of experience in online applications and (not only) PHP. My career revolved around everything from internal systems, to CMS for large portals, to e-shops, often in a multilingual environment, involving a significant amount of data and generally quite high demands (on technology and people).

And doesn't it fit together that Jet started to be born in 2011 and is intended for PHP8 , which was released in 2020? In 2011, the evolution of what Jet gradually became began. Jet has already gone through a phase of rapid change and pathfinding. I tried it over and over again on different projects and modified and improved, sometimes remade and often removed what I originally thought was a good idea, but it didn't work at all in practice.

A few years ago, the whole concept stabilized and it was no longer necessary to make a revolution, but it could continue to evolve. But I was still waiting for PHP itself to really mature, so that I could remove the last few things I was dissatisfied with. That time came precisely with the introduction of PHP8 and with this step Jet was modified into the form in which I would like to present it to you.

Jet is distributed as a package that includes a number of things:

  • Installer (which serves as a sample and basis for your own future installer)
  • Tools like the integrated profiler, but also the fairly comprehensive and very useful Jet Studio
  • A small (relatively small) sample online application that includes:
    • A small germ of a CMS (articles, images)
    • REST API (server and client part)
    • Translations and localization
    • Sample administration
    • A sample secret section of the site
    • Logging operations
    • Sending emails
    • Modules testing and demonstrating work with MVC
    • Modules testing and demonstrating work with forms with conventional and AJAX access
    • Modules testing and demonstrating work with an integrated ORM (DataModel)
    • Administration modules for managing users and permissions
    • ... and I bet I forgot something :-)

Plain and simple, Jet is the foundation for real, real-life online applications. When you get to know its essence, it will make your work really more pleasant. And above all, it will not get in your way and put obstacles and slow down or limit you. No, I designed Jet for myself to please me and always help me, not theoretically, but practically. I believe that he will be a good partner for you as well.

But to be sure, take a look at what Jet is not .

By the way... Jet is certainly inspired by the Zend framework in a number of aspects. I mean series 1, which really interested me many years ago (although not completely satisfied) and some of the features it brought, I still stick to because it simply worked for me in practice. And I'm happy to admit it here.

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