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Working with date and time - Jet\Data_DateTime

PHP itself has a great DataTime class. This is fully used by Jet and the Jet\Data_DateTime class directly inherits from the PHP class \DateTime - so it can do exactly the same thing and is fully integrated into the Jet platform and is used, for example, in the Jet DataModel ORM . The great PHP class \DataTime is only minimally extended, but further extensions cannot be ruled out in the future (while maintaining compatibility).

Method Význam
public static now(
) : static
Creates an instance and immediately sets the current date and time
public setOnlyDate(
bool $only_date
) : void
Sets whether the object represents only a date.
public isOnlyDate(
) : bool
Indicates whether the object represents only a date.
public toString(
) : string
Converts the date and time to a string in ISO format Ymd\TH:i:s, or Ymd if the object represents only a date.

This is useful, for example, when saving time data in a database or other storage.
public __toString(
) : string
The object can be directly converted to a string. This calls the toString method.
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