Welcome to the world of speed, efficiency and freedom

Welcome to the world of the PHP8 Jet framework

PHP Jet is a very innovative, modern and original framework for PHP8 (and later), designed for the development of any kind of online applications, but above all large-scale and long-term projects.

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PHP Jet places great emphasis not only on speed and security, but also on application modularity, to divide the project into individual easily developable, testable and maintainable components (modules / micro-services / micro-applications).

Of course, the MVC architecture is not lacking, but it is conceived differently than other frameworks - it is much more flexible and more responsive the true essence of all online applications.

Of course, there is also no shortage of ORM, but developed with an emphasis on performance of the final application. There is also a very helpful system for working with forms. And that is far from all. There is of course authentication and authorization, localization, debug tools including profiler and so on. And as a "cherry on the cake" on top of it all is the powerful but intuitive development tool Jet Studio with a graphical UI (of course also online applications).

You can download and install PHP Jet, or to download use composer: composer create-project mirekmarek/php-jet

For quick testing, a "playground" is available using the built-in web server of PHP itself. Just download PHP Jet and unzip it, or use composer and then run it in the directory where PHP Jet is located: php _playground/start.php And then all you have to do is open the URL http://localhost:8000/ in your browser (if you did not specify another address and port).

Of course, detailed documentation and also articles are available at blog, a discussion forum on GitHub is also available.

Current status:

Final refactoring and finalization of PHP Jet source codes 100%
Creation of documentation 100%
Final testing 100%
Final revision of documentation 100%
Founding a forum GitHub discussion forum established
Translation of documentation into English work started - initial phase
Professional proofreading of documentation, professional design of documentation and website planned